Paradox Sports has been in operation since 2007 after our first climbing event occurred in conjunction with Walter Reed Hospital. Since then, Paradox events have been a place to connect, push limits, and change beliefs about what’s possible with a disability.

In 2015, we kicked it up a notch to spread the word about the vertical lifestyle. We led 11 trips across 8 states, an adaptive climbing club that met 3 times a month at gyms in the Front Range Colorado area, and we taught cutting edge adaptive climbing techniques and skills at 16 Adaptive Climbing Trainings across the US and even one in Squamish, BC! Together these programs had over 454 participants, a 41% increase from 2014 and 130% increase from 2013! Combined, we climbed over 179,200 vertical feet! (Before you do the math, yes, that’s equal to over 23 ascents of the Dawn Wall on El Capitan!) 2016’s calendar is filling up quickly with 11 annual adaptive climbing and mountaineering trips and at least 12 adaptive climbing trainings to make gyms, universities and other programs across the US accessible.

We operate with support from countless talented volunteers, generous outdoor partners, and individual donors like yourself. Your donations and your general support are making a big impact. It helps fuel our programs, keeps the cost to our participants low, and brings the many empowering aspects of adaptive climbing to new people and places. Thank you for supporting the Paradox Community and adaptive climbing!

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