As one of the nation’s premier adaptive outdoor recreation organizations,
Paradox Sports is dedicated to our mission:

Revolutionizing lives through adaptive

climbing opportunities that defy convention.

2015 Annual Report


We believe it is important to start with the “Why?” – the purpose of Paradox Sports. Since 2007, Paradox Sports has been a place to connect, push your limits, and change beliefs about what’s possible with a disability. Over the years Paradox Sports has changed and grown but at the core, the unwavering dedication to living fully and in the moment has always remained. Climbing requires you to be present in both mind and body, and often the “disability” holding you back is in the mind.   Climbing, as a sport in general, requires adaptive equipment even for able-bodied climbers. Harnesses, ropes, ice tools, and other gadgets aid in ascending the wall for people of all abilities, adaptive athletes do not necessarily need adaptive equipment to go climbing. We are passionate about engaging everyone in climbing and the climbing community because the community is what keeps us coming back.


We are a Boulder, CO 501(c)3 non-profit that is passionate about defying convention. Our small Staff team, with the guidance of our Board of Directors, provides Adaptive Climbing Programs year-round across the country. In 2015 we impacted over 450 people of all (dis)abilities including spinal cord injuries, amputations/limb difference, visual impairment, traumatic brain injuries, neurological disorders, PTSD and more.  To learn more about the history of Paradox Sports, click here.


Our Programs are centered around three main areas: Trips, Trainings and Community.


TRIPS: Paradox Sports started with our annual and infamous adaptive climbing trips across the country that provide accessible opportunities for athletes of all abilities to experience some of the most iconic climbing locations in the US – Yosemite, the Gunks, Eldorado Canyon, Red River Gorge, Ouray Ice Park, North Conway, the Grand Teton and more.


TRAININGS: In 2015 we released the first ever Adaptive Climbing Manual to share our knowledge about cutting edge adaptive climbing techniques and have hit the road to spread the word about and support of adaptive climbing. We offer multiple levels of adaptive climbing trainings to climbing gyms, universities and other programs across North America in hopes that ALL programs will be accessible to people with disabilties.


COMMUNITY: Paradox Sports is rooted in the power of the climbing community. In Colorado, we host a Front Range Adaptive Climbing Club 3 times per month, open to all ability levels! This is a great way to meet people, challenge yourself in a controlled environment and “see what you got”. We also host several events throughout the year to celebrate our community – from parties to adventure film nights. Join us to “Party with a Purpose!”


We have kicked it up a notch to spread the word about the vertical lifestyle over the last decade and we continue to grow and pursue excellence. We are always looking for people to join our tribe! To find out more about getting involved with Paradox Sports, please join us for the Paradox Approach tours.